Google Enterprise Software Licensing: The Key to Boost Your Business' Productivity and Security

The Benefits of Google Enterprise Software Licensing

Google Enterprise Software Licensing provides businesses with access to Google’s suite of productivity tools, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Meet, among others. The licenses come with advanced security and data management options, which are designed to meet the needs of businesses. By obtaining a Google Enterprise Software License, businesses can ensure that they have access to these productivity tools and the benefits they offer.

DataMax - The Leading Manufacturer with EDLA Certification

DataMax is one of the leading manufacturers with rich experience in the Google EDLA (Enterprise Device License Agreement) project. With their extensive experience, DataMax has become an expert in the field of Android security and has provided EDLA certification to many of their devices. DataMax’s role in EDLA certification helps ensure that their devices meet the rigorous security standards required for EDLA certification, providing businesses with the confidence that their devices are secure and regularly updated to protect against emerging threats.

Increasing Efficiency with Movable Smart Displays with Batteries-Based Stands

Movable Smart Displays with Batteries-Based Stands are the future of productivity, allowing businesses to display important information in a variety of settings without being tied to a power source. These displays are easy to move, set up, and are equipped with advanced security features to protect sensitive information. They can be used to display company information, upcoming events, and can even be used for presentations. Movable Smart Displays with Batteries-Based Stands can also be integrated with a range of other productivity tools, including Google Meet, to provide an all-in-one productivity solution.

Streamlining Operations with Self-Service Kiosks

Self-Service Kiosks are an innovative solution to streamline operations and reduce wait times. These kiosks can be used for a variety of purposes, such as ticketing, ordering, and payments. They provide a self-service option to customers, allowing them to quickly and easily complete transactions without having to wait in long lines. Self-Service Kiosks can be customized to suit the needs of individual businesses and can be integrated with a range of productivity tools, including Google Workspace, to provide an all-in-one productivity solution.

OPS-compliant digital signage player with Android OS which supports educational smart class perfectly.

  • • Standard 80pin OPS interfaces with Android AOSP 9 OS, perfect adapt to any of whiteboard products.
  • • PCI-E 4G interfaces built-in(4G Lte), supports 2.4G/5G dual band Wi-Fi.
  • • Android OS customization supported, all the root API port can be shared to support customer’s application development.