KN95 Face Mask Making Machine

As a growing body of evidence supports the idea that wearing face masks in public, even when you feel well, can help curb the spread of the coronavirus — since people can spread the virus even without showing symptoms. That’s the main reason to wear a mask: to protect other people from you.

Therefore, we added the research and development, production and sales of civil and medical face mask in early 2020.

Face masks can also offer the wearer some protection — though how much varies greatly, depending on the type of mask. No mask will offer full protection, and they should not be viewed as a replacement for physical distancing of at least 6 feet from others, frequent hand-washing and avoiding crowds. When you combine masks with those measures, they can make a big difference.

Mask making machine

DataMax set up a 10,000 level dust-free workshop for KN95 mask​ 1  kn95 making machine

We set up a research, development and production base of 1200 square meters with 10000 level dust-free workshop, we can provide high-quality masks with  daily production capacity of 600,000 masks with CE,FDA certificates.

Face mask production line

mask production line

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KN95 Face mask meets en149KN95 Face mask meets en149

KN95 respirators: A KN95 mask is regulated by the Chinese government; like an N95, it’s supposed to filter out at least 95% of small airborne particles.

When choosing a mask, experts say focus on the fabric, fit and breathability. How well a mask protects is a function of both what it’s made of and how well it seals to your face. But if you can’t breathe well through it, then you’re less likely to keep it on.

Here’s a look at different kinds of masks you might consider and how effective they are at protecting the people around you — and you as well.

Here are some tips for choosing face masks.

1. The tightness of the weave is really important. 
If you can easily see the outline of the individual fibers, it’s not going to make a great filter.

2. Think multiple layers. 
Several studies have found that masks made of multiple layers are more effective at blocking small particles.

3. Shape also matters. 
A mask’s ability to filter out particles depends on not just what it’s made out of but how well it seals to your face.

4. Avoid masks with exhalation valves. 
The valve makes it easier to breathe out, but it also releases unfiltered air, so it doesn’t protect others if you’re contagious. And protecting others is the primary reason to wear a mask.

Lastly, please keep in mind wearing even a genuine respirator doesn’t make you invincible, so those hygienic habits are good no matter what they are.

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